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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This article and guide rest on a mountain of information which fans have gathered together into several collections. The Liberator Popular Front Information Sheet & Episode Guide; Tarial Cell: The Blake's Seven Encyclopedia by Peter Angelides, Peter G. Lovelady, and Anthony Murray; and The Bored Without Blake (7) Committee's Guide to Blake's 7 have been. especially helpful. The picture of Gan with #9 "Project Avalon" was done by Pat Cash. The drawing of Servalan on this page was previously printed in 37 Complex. The photograph is courtesy BBC. Among the individuals who helped with this article special thanks go to Janet Ellicott for her "Blake's 7" expertise, Debby Stark for plowing her way through every draft, Fran Buhman for her critical encouragements, Heather Nachman for her aid in compiling credit lists, and to Linda Bushyager, Deborah Walsh, Linda Melnick, Adrienne Losin, Jeanne Hutton, and Arlene Johnson. All opinions, theories, and mistakes, however, can be o n't blamed only upon the author wh does always take good advise.

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