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Overview and Themes

When it was first shown, the second series started with a compilation episode which contained most of the last two stories of the previous series. The first story of the second series is a continuation from that point; beginning with Orac's prediction of the Liberator's destruction and ending with a resolution of the predicament.

The unifying storyline doesn't appear until the third episode when the idea of attacking Federation Central Control is first mentioned. In the fifth episode the team actually does attack Control only to discover that it has been moved. Most of the rest of the episodes chronicle the search for its new location.

A relatively new theme which comes out in this series is the problem of morality in the midst of conflict. This emerges strongly in the second story when Gan tries to argue Blake out of dealing with the drug running Terra Nostra. It is also examined in the last story of this season when Blake's rebellion leads him towards actions which will cause the deaths of many innocent people.

The conflict between Blake and Avon carries over from the first series, but at the end of the last story of this series, Blake says, "Avon, for what it is worth, I have always trusted you. From the very beginning." This shows the connection between the themes of the obvious personal conflict and the underlying affection and loyalty that has been developing among the group.

Like the first series, the second stresses the vulnerability of the team. "These people are mortal" the program shouts by killing Gan.

For the first five episodes of this series, "Blake's 7" actually has eight members: Blake, Jenna, Avon, Cally, Vila, Gan, Zen, and Orac. Gan's death brings them back to seven.

This series, like the first, ends with a cliffhanger as the Liberator prepares to hold off a massive alien invasion until the ships of the Federation can arrive. Can one ship hold back 600 for more than an hour, even if the aliens can't all get through the hole in the defenses at the same time? The original audience had to wait almost a year to find out.

During the second series, the episodes aired on Tuesdays at 7-15 p.m., except for "Pressure Point" which aired an hour later.

Series Creator - Terry Nation
Producer - David Maloney
Script Editor - Chris Boucher
Music - Dudley Simpson
Visual Effects Designer - Mat Irvine
     - Peter Pegrum
     - Andrew Lazell
Production Unit Manager - Sheelagh Rees
Film Recordist - Ian Sansam (#14-18,20)
     - John Gatland (#19,21-26)
Film Editor - Sheila S. Tomlinson
Studio Lighting - Brian Clemett
Studio Sound - Clive Gifford (#14-18, 20)
     - Malcolm Johnson (#19, 21-26)
Special Sound - Richard Yeoman-Clark (#14-20)
     - Elizabeth Parker (#21-26)
Electronic Effects - A. J. Mitchell
     - Rupert Jarvis (#9-13)
Make-up Artist - Marianne Ford (#14-18, 20)
     - Ann Ailes (#19, 21-26)
Series Videotape Editors - Sam Upton
     - Malcolm Banlhorpe
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