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Together Again Collection
This site has no connection to the Together Again Collection and makes no money off any order sent to Sheelagh. Blake
But we do feel that many fans will want to hear the actors, directors and producers discuss what it was like making the series.
These one hour long tapes from Sheelagh Wells (who was involved with "Blake's 7" through most of its life and knows everyone connected to the show) afford a rare glimpse of life behind the cameras of the series. The tapes are $15 (or £8.25). She takes checks in both pounds and dollars --- postage is included in the price.
  • Together Again - Blake's Back - Sold Out
  • Together Again - Liberatored - Sold Out
  • Together Again - Action - Sold Out
  • Together Again - Kingmaker - Photo included (size of Audio tape)Solstice
    "A Tribute to Terry Nation. We welcome David Maloney, his production assistant Judith Smith, Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow and Peter Tuddenham. We learn of the series beginning, of casting, conventions and the start of fandom."
  • Together Again - Elements - Photo included (size of Audio tape)
    Elements "Supreme Commander Jacqueline Pearce discusses with Paul Darrow the unique relationship between Servalan and Avon. Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow, David Maloney and Judith Smith tell more hilarious tales of 'glamorours' locations. Vere Lorrimer and the changes made in season four."
  • Together Again - Solstice - Photo included (size of Audio tape)
    King "Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow and directors Pennant Roberts and Mary Ridge (one of them launched the Liberator - the other bluw it up and returned a year later to kill off Blake). The first and final days of 'Blake's 7' revisited."
  • Together Again - Seven - Photo included (size of Audio tape)
    7"Writer/script editor Chris Boucher in conversation with Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow and visual FX wizard Jim Francis. Blake faces the man who engineered his death, the man who shot him and the man who blew him up. if you thought you knew everything about 'Blake's 7', think again!"
  • Photographs
    Exclusive colour photographs from the together again tapes and the series.

The tapes that are still available may be ordered from
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