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DVDFor DVD players in Britain, Europe, Japan
(not for regular North American players --- for what is available for normal North American players, see our Merchandise section)

Episode titles:
"The Way Back", "Space Fall", "Cygnus Alpha", "Time Squad",
"The Web", "Seek-Locate-Destroy", "Mission To Destiny", "Duel",
"Project Avalon", "Breakdown", "Bounty", "Deliverance", "Orac"

Extras include:
  • Two out-takes plus missing scene
  • '1 Robot, 2 Flat Feet and a blooper'.
  • Lesley Judd shows us how to make a Liberator teleport bracelet on 'Blue Peter'.
  • Trailer for Series 2
  • Four easter eggs
  • Nine Character Introductions
  • Commentary tracks on Three Episodes:
    • "Space Fall": Michael Keating, Sally Knyvette and David Maloney
    • "Seek-Locate-Destroy": Stephen Greif, Michael Keating and Jacqueline Pearce
    • "Project Avalon": Stephen Greif, Sally Knyvette and Jacqueline Pearce
Digitally remastered episodes.
Five Discs
Duration: 10 hrs 50 mins
Fullscreen 4:3
Instructions on accessing the Easter Eggs

Available for Region 2 only (won't play on most American players but Amazon UK will ship to the U.S. for those who have a multi-region player)
Amazon.co.uk Review
"...the 4:3 images are as strong as one could expect from a 1970s TV show shot partly on video (interiors) and 16 mm film (exteriors). Film shots have some grain and vary considerably in quality while the video material shows occasional minor tearing and flaws in the tape. Otherwise these are as good as Blake's 7 is ever going to look. The same is true of the mono sound, which is clear and undistorted."

Special Feature Information:
  • Commentary Track
  • The Making Of
  • June Hudsons Costume Collection
  • Mat Models
  • Character Introductions
  • Trailer For Series 3
  • Saturday Superstore
  • Scene Today
  • Multi Coloured Swap Shop
  • 6 Easter Eggs
  • Small World Model Spacecraft

VHS: PAL format
(will not play on normal North American VHS recorders)



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