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Sex & Death in
"Blake's 7"

Not until after Blake's departure, at the beginning of the thrid series, is the importance of fighting the Federation de-emphasized and a small place found for sex in the lives of these characters. At this time both Avon and Servalan start to show, more obviously, the sensualism that many viewers notice in them from the beginning. Then in the fourth series, Tarrant, the young pilot, begins to demonstrate a talent for falling into easy romantic situations which thereby brings "Blake's 7" closer to the tradition of other action shows.

Although "Blake's 7" often ignores sex, it never hides from death. While U.N.C.L.E. agents use tranquilizer darts and Enterprise crewmembers set their phasers on stun, the Liberator is supplied with weapons that only kill. On the other side, only once, as part of a trap, do Federation forces use guns which don't kill (maybe twice, should later events show that those shot at the end of the fourth series were only stunned).

How necessary it sometimes is to kill in order to survive is illustrated by the danger frequently caused by Gan's inability to do so because of his "limitor" implant. His death also indicates how seriously this program takes this subject.

The fourth series is frequently criticized for going overboard with this kilbng and dying theme, perhaps showing that a producer can be corrupted by the power to kill as readily as anyone in the Federation.

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