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"Blake's 7"

"Blake's 7" is Terry Nation's second science fiction creation for BBC TV. His earlier series, "Survivors", is about a small group of people who live though a world-wide plague which devastates human life on the planet. In addition, Nation set "Doctor Who" onto its present course when, in writing the second story for that series, he put the Doctor into an alien environment to introduce him to the notoriously monstrous Daleks.

Nation has also written scripts for the "Champions" and the original "Saint" series and served as script editor for "The Baron" and "The Avengers." He was both script editor and associate producer for "The Persuaders."

Other members of the "Blake's 7" production team also have backgrounds in earlier British series -- most of them in that longest running science fiction series, "Doctor Who." David Maloney, producer of the first thirty-nine "Blake's 7" episodes, directed eight "Doctor Who" shows: "The Mind Robber," "The Krotons," "The War Games," "Planet of the Daleks," "Genesis of the Daleks," "Planet of Evil," "The Deadly Assassin," and "The Talons of WengChiang." He left "Blake's 7" to produce the '80s BBC version of "The Day of the Triffids."

Chris Boucher, script editor for all four series and writer of a number of the episodes, is the author of three "Doctor Who" stories: "The Face of Evil," "The Robots of Death," and "Image of the Fendahl." Dudley Simpson, creator of the theme music for "Blake's 7," is also the composer of incidental music for twenty-three "Doctor Who" stories and of the theme for "The Tomorrow People."

Special effects for "Blake's 7" were done by Ian Scoones (who worked on "The Tomorrow People" and "The Hammer House of Horror"); Mat Irvine, (who worked on "Doctor Who"), and Jim Francis (who went on to do effects for "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy").

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