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"Blake's 7" Series Related News

April 25-28, 2008: The Guardian - "Sky One To Do Big-budget Remake":
"It will hope to retain the addictive plots, realism and moral ambiguity of the original, which featured Roj Blake and his crew on the run from a totalitarian government called the Federation which rules the galaxy with an iron fist.

"But it is likely that it will jettison the shaky sets and 1970s special effects.... And there is one other conundrum for the writers to solve: the eponymous Blake died in the final episode of the original series, when he was shot by fellow crew member Avon, and the rest of the main characters appeared to perish too.

"As part of a drive to invest more in homegrown drama, Sky One has ordered scripts for two 60-minute pilot episodes. If successful, it will be expanded into a six-part series. The broadcaster said the show would not be a straight remake of the original but a 're-imagining' in the vein of Battlestar Galactica."

Also see the BBC article, and here are more articles:

Peter Tuddenham died July 9, 2007
Peter Tuddenham was the voice of Orac, Zen and Slave

Fourth Season Bloopers
23 February, 2007:   Jacqueline Pearce will be signing photographs at Voga on the 10th March from 3-5pm. She is doing this to raise funds to help her to continue her work with endangered monkeys in South Africa.
Voga is at 22 Leven Street Edinburgh EH3 9LJ Tel 0131 228 8844 Email: info@voga.co.uk and they have a website at http://voga.wordpress.com/. They say, "This may very well be Jacqueline¹s final signing as she is moving to South Africa, indefinitely, shortly after this event."

Fans will be able to email in their names and have a signed photo sent out to them.

If you know of any news related to the series or its stars, please let us know.
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