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#11 "Bounty"
w: Terry Nation
d: Pennant Roberts
March 13, '78 (52 min.)

While Cally and Blake are down on an isolated planet contacting ex-President Sarkoff of Lindon, an unidentified ship moves in on the Liberator.

"I don't like the look of that."

"Not again, Vila," Gan responds.

"I'm entitled to my opinion."

"It is your assumption," says Avon, "that we are entitled to it as well that is irritating."

"What do you think?" Jenna asks Avon.

"As a matter of fact, I don't like the look of it, either."

"He agrees with me," Vila mumbles to himself. "Makes it all seem worthwhile, somehow."

"It could be a trap," Avon continues, ignoring Vila.

"It's not a very good one then," Gan says. "We're suspicious of it already."

"The test," Avon explains, "is not whether you are suspicious but whether you are caught."

It is a trap. When Blake and Cally bring Sarkoff and Tyce back to the Liberator, they are also captured and are locked up with Avon, Vila, and Gan. Jenna has supposedly thrown in her lot with their captors.

The group is not only locked up but each member has been fitted with a collar which can blow his head off if their captors choose or if someone tries to force the lock. In spite of the danger, Blake presents his collar to Vila to be opened.

"If I get it wrong, Bang! No head," Vila complains.

"I trust you."

"And if it blows up when I'm right behind you..."

"That's why I trust you."

Later, Vila gives up in frustration. "I told you I couldn't do it...

"I believed you all along," says Avon.

"Nobody could open it!"

"I thought you could open anything. That was always one of your more modest claims."

Spurred by Avon's sarcasm, Vila tries again.
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Additional Cast
Sarkoff - T. P. McKenna
Tyce - Carinthia West
Tarvin - Marc Zuber
Cheney - Mark York
Amagon Guard - Derrick Branche

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Pauline Smithson
Film Recordist - John Gatland
Film Editor - M. A - C. Adams
Studio Sound - Tony Millier
Stunt Co-ordinator - Frank Maher
Designer - Roger Murray-Leach

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