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#4 "Time Squad"
w: Terry Nation
d: Pennant Roberts
January 23, '78 (52 min.)

This episode adds another member to the crew as Blake single-mindedly pushes the inexperienced team into striking its first blow against the Federation.

Even before the Liberator reaches its target, however, danger is brought aboard. The crew answers a distress signal and finds a ship containing aliens in cryogenic suspension. (Trying to help these people is a good deed which does not go unpunished.) After Blake, Avon, and Vila teleport to the target planet, Jenna and Gan are left to deal with revived, programmed assassins. Jenna then learns that Gan has a "limitor" implanted in his brain which prevents him from killing, no matter what the provocation or need.
Cally-Blake drawing by Debby Stark

Unaware of the danger on the Liberator, the other three crew members look for resistance forces in the hope that such forces can help them blow up the Federation Communications Complex. The one rebel still alive contacts Blake - with a kick that sends him tumbling. She then points a gun at his head and 'speaks' directly to his mind.

He is finally able to convince this telepathic Auron woman named Cally that they are on the same side, and then she leads them into the complex. She can't, however, get them past the security door. Revealing how useful the talents of a thief can be, it is Vila who opens the door with ease.

They expect to set the generator to overload and then to teleport out of danger before it blows, but once past the point of no return, they discover they can't communicate with the Liberator - Jenna and Gan have their own deadly problems.

Later, Cally, feeling she has failed in her mission and therefore can't return home, joins the crew. Now, counting Zen of the Liberator, they are seven.
This Episode
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"Cygnus Alpha"
"Time Squad"

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from the UK.

Additional Cast
Aliens - Tony Smart
    Mark McBride
    Frank Henson

Additional Credits
(See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Pauline Smithson
Film Recordists - Bill Meekums John Murphy
Film Editor - M. A. C. Adams
Studio Sound - Clive Gifford
Stunt Co-ordinator - Frank Maher
Designer - Roger Murray-Leach

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