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#5 "The Web"
w: Terry Nation
d: Michael E. Briant
January 30, '78 (52 min.)

Blake attempts to disarm a bomb that has been set to disrupt Liberator. Alarmed, Avon pushes Blake out of the way just before it goes off.
Blake & Avon drawing by Nancy Kolar

"Thank you," Blake says. "Why?"

"Automatic reaction. I'm as surprised as you are."

"I am not surprised."

Before they can regain control of the ship, it is caught in a web. Blake teleports to the nearby planet where he finds the last remnants of "The Lost," a group that had been cast out from Cally's race. These beings are in desperate need of power cells: with them the beings claim they can recharge their life-support system and cut a path through the web to release the Liberator.

Blake agrees to provide the cells. After telling Avon to bring them, however, Blake learns that the power will also be used to wipe out the Decimas, a species "The Lost" have created. The creatures have mutated as they reproduced and are now capable of thought and emotion, and they have begun to fight for their survival.

Blake, refusing to be a party to the destruction of a species, calls the ship to stop Avon from bringing down the energy cells. But it is too late: Vila has just teleported Avon into the midst of the angry Decimas! Blake rushes into the compound to both protect Avon and to hide the cells. He hopes to make a deal to save the Decimas and at the same time free the Liberator. But it is the Decimas themselves who produce the means to accomplish those aims.
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"The Web"
"Seek - Locate - Destroy"

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Additional Cast
Saymon - Richard Beale
Geela - Ania Marson
Novara - Miles Fothergill
Decimas - Deep Roy,
     Gilda Cohen,
     Ismet Hassarn,
     Marcus Powell,
     Molly Tweedley,
     Willie Sheara

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Victor Mallett
Film Recordist - Andrew Boulton
Film Editor - M. A. C. Adams
Studio Sound - Tony Millier
Designer - Martin Collins

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