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#3 "Cygnus Alpha"
w: Terry Nation
d: Vere Lorrimer
January 16, '78 (52 min.)

Aboard the alien ship, Blake, Jenna, and Avon discover its master computer, Zen, which, linking with Jenna's mind, learns their language and picks from her thoughts the ship's new name: Liberator.

Next, they discover teleport facilities, something the Federation has been working on but hasn't yet perfected on living matter. Blake volunteers to try it, though, and Avon figures out how to teleport him to Cygnus Alpha. Upon his return, Jenna asks him what teleporting is like.

"It's a bit like property when Vila's around," Blake explains. "Suddenly, it's somewhere else."

While Blake returns to the planet to rescue Vila, Gan, and the others from the penal colony, Jenna investigates more of the strange ship. She discovers one room full of clothing and another which contains what Avon determines is nearly as much wealth as is in the entire Federation banking system. Certain that Blake would only use the money in his mad rebellion, Avon tries to convince Jenna to leave Blake on the planet. Jenna, however, turns out to be more determined to save Blake than Avon is to leave him.

Blake, Vila, and Gan have had to fight, but they finally reach the Liberator. Just after they do, Federation pursuit ships appear on the detectors, and Blake orders Zen to lose them.

"They'll keep coming," Avon informs his drily. "Pushing us. Tracking us. They'll never give up.

"Nor will we. When we can handle this ship properly, we'll stop running. Then we'll fight."
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"Cygnus Alpha"
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Additional Cast
Vargas - Brian Blessed
Leylan - Glyn Owen
Artix - Norman Tipton
Kara - Pamela Salem
Laram - Robert Russell
Arco - Peter Childs
Selman - David Ryall

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Christina McMillan
Film Recordist - John Murphy
Film Editor - Martin Sharpe
Studio Sound - Tony Millier
Stunt Co-ordinator - Peter Brayham
Designer - Robert Berk

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