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#7 "Mission to Destiny"
w: Terry Nation
d: Pennant Roberts
February 13, '78 (52 min.)

Avon Avon by Robin L. Belyea
The crew of the Liberator encounters the spaceship Ortega drifting in a circular flight pattern. Blake, Avon, and Cally investigate, finding several crew members unconscious and one murdered. Another one turns out to be missing. The controls of the ship have been deliberately smashed.

When the unconscious crew members have recovered, Dr. Kendall, their leader, tells Blake that they were returning to their home planet, Destiny, after purchasing a neutrotope, "the most valuable objects in our galaxy." It will stop a fungal disease which is threatening to kill all vegetation on Destiny.

Since the craft has been crippled by the sabotage, Blake offers to rush the neutrotope to Destiny in the Liberator, while Avon and Cally remain to complete repairs on the Ortega.

Cally feels they must help these people even if they must regard themselves as hostages. She is certain Blake will return.

"'A man who trusts,'" she quotes a saying of her people, "'can. never be betrayed - only mistaken.'"

"Life expectancy must be fairly short among your people," Avon replies. He is staying because he doesn't like an unsolved mystery.

As they go about repairing the Ortega, Avon and Cally find a series of clues, but more damage is done to the ship and another person is killed before Avon figures out the identity of the murderer, and Cally discovers the reason for the sabotage.
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"Mission to Destiny"

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Additional Cast
Kendall - Barry Jackson
Sara - Beth Morris
Mandrian - Stephen Tate
Sonheim - Nigel Humphreys
Levett - Kate Coleridge
Grovane - Carl Forgione
Pasco -John Leeson
Rafford - Brian Capron
Dortmunn - Stuart Fell

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Pauline Smithson
Film Recordist - John Gatland
Film Editor - Martin Sharpe
Studio Sound - Clive Gifford
Designer - Martin Collins

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