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#1 "The Way Back"
w: Terry Nation
d: Michael E. Briant
January 2, '78 (47 min.)

The first episode introduces Roj Blake, two of his future companions and the Terran Federation.
Jenna-Blake drawing by Debby Stark

When first encountered, Blake is a model citizen of the Federation who believes that his mother and sister have emigrated to a frontier world. When an acquaintance promises him information about his family, he illegally goes with her outside the domed city into tunnels. Once there, he is told that four years earlier he had been a rebel leader, but that after memory revision he bad renounced the cause. All his memories relating to the rebellion were later blocked and his former associations cut off. His family was forced to emigrate then they were.executed.

Before Blake can assimilate these revelations, the rebels he has been talking to are massacred by Federation troops; he is arrested. These shocks ignite memories. Knowing that if Blake were killed, he might become a martyr, the Administration discredits him by manufacturing evidence and indicting him for child molesting. He is sentenced to deportation to the prison planet Cygnus Alpha.

Blake soon finds himself in a transit cell with a thief named Vila Restal, Jenna Stannis, the famous smuggler, and other assorted criminals. Being compulsive, Vila tries to steal Blake's property but at Blake's sudden move, cries out, "Easy! Take it easy! I hate personal violence, especially when I'm the person."

The prisoners are transferred to the Civil Administration Ship London. As if lifts off, Blake is told to take a last look at Earth. "No," he replies. "I'm coming back."
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Additional Cast
Bran Foster - Robert Beatty
Glynd - Robert James
Tarrant - Jeremy Wilkin
Varon - Michael Halsey
Maja - Pippa Steel
Ravella - Gillian Bailey
Richie - Alan Butler
Arbiter - Margaret John
Dr. Havant - Peter Williams
Alta Morag - Susan Field
Clerk of Court - Rodney Figaro
Computer Operator - Nigel Lambert
Guard - Garry McDermott

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Victor Mallett
Film Recordist - Bill Meekums Film
Editor - M. A. C. Adams
Studio Sound - Clive Gifford
Designer - Martin Collins

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