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#12 "Deliverance"
w: Terry Nation
d: Michael E. Briant
March 20, '78 (52 min.)

The Liberator crew witnesses the destruction of a small space craft. Despite Zen's warning that prolonged exposure to the high radiation of the nearby planet Cephlon could result in tissue damage, Avon, Jenna, Vila, and Gan go down to search for survivors.

They find one man still alive and teleport him back to the ship. Jenna, however, doesn't teleport back to the ship with the others. When Avon, Vila, and Gan go back in search of her, the man brought aboard the Liberator forces Blake and Cally to start the ship towards Aristo where his father, the scientist Ensor, is waiting for medical supplies.

Meanwhile at Space Command Headquarters, Servalan tells Travis about the bomb she used to blow up the ship transporting a surgeon and Ensor's son. Ensor will die without the medical help, she figures, and then they can go to Aristo and take his invention --- something called "Orac."

"You're almost as ruthless as I am."

"You underestimate me, Travis."

In their search for Jenna, the stranded crew members discover a door set in a hillside. Behind it they meet Meegat, who waits for deliverance by a nameless savior. She immediately assumes that Avon is the lord she awaits.

You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Vila suggests as Meegat kneels at Avon's feet.


Meegat and her dying race have forgotten how to use their former technology so they wait for someone who has the knowledge to launch the rocket that will send the dormant cells of their race to a new planet.

After Ensor's son succumbs to his injuries, Blake temporarily abandons the course for Aristo to return to rescue the others. Avon, Vila, and Gan leave Meegat long enough to find Jenna and when they return to await the arrival of the Liberator, Avon sends off the rocket thus fulfilling the prophecy.
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Additional Cast
Ensor - Tony Caunter
Meegat - Suzan Farmer
Maryatt - James Lister

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Victor Mallett
Film Recordist - John Gatland
Film Editor - M. A. C. Adams
Studio Sound - Clive Gifford
Stunt Co-ordinator - Frank Maher
Designer --Robert Berk

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