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#14 "Redemption"
w: Terry Nation
d: Vere Lorrimer
January 9, 1979 (50 min.)

Blake is obsessed with analyzing Orac's prediction of the destruction of the Liberator. Avon reassures him --- just before the ship is attacked and the crew loses control of all systems.
Jenna & Blake drawing by Debby Stark

After ordering Avon to work on bringing the computer systems back under control, Blake goes 'below' to disconnect the power. He is stopped by a live cable coil which leaps out at him like a snake. Threatened by the live wires, Blake calls for Avon, though he doesn't tell him the trouble. Avon stalks off the flight deck visibly annoyed with their "fearless leader" and his constantly changing orders.

"If it ever comes to a showdown," Vila remarks, watching Avon leave, "my money's on Blake..." Then he reconsiders. "Well, half of it anyway. I'll put the other half on Avon."

Avon finds Blake facing that cable. "All right, you're giving the orders, what do you want me to do about it?"

"Turn off the power without touching the main switch."

After investigating, Avon says, "I'm going to put an explosive charge across the main energy feed. When it senses what I'm trying to do, it should move away from you."

"Toward you," Blake objects.

"When it does, you move to the door."

"And when it homes in on you?"

"I think my instinct for survival is more finely tuned than it is."

Blake gets out, but the mechanisms almost trap Avon in his own explosion.

"That is one I owe you," Blake says as the dust clears.

"Don't worry. At the right time, I will remind you of it."

Powerless to control the ship, they are soon captured by the Liberator's former owners, who now intend to regain their property.

Escaping, the Seven regain the Liberator, but a pursuit ship is launched after them: this ship turns out to be an exact counterpart of the Liberator. Which ship had Orac's prediction shown?
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Additional Cast
Alta One - Sheila Ruskin
Alta Two - Harriet Philpin
Slave - Roy Evans

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Stunt Co-ordinator - Frank Maher
Production Assistant - Geoffrey Manton
Film Cameraman - Peter Chapman
Costume Designer - June Hudson
Designer - Sally Hulke

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