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#24 "Gambit"
w: Robert Holmes
d: George Spenton-Foster
March 20, 1979 (52 min.)

Blake, Jenna, and Cally teleport to Freedom City in search of Docholli, the cyber-surgeon who is said to know the location of Star One.
Avon-Vila drawing by Robin L. Belyea

"You know," Vila says, complaining to Avon about being left out of the trip to the "wide open" city, "if it was desert down there, so hot your eyebrows frizzle, poisonous snakes under every rock..."

"Blake would have sent us," Avon finishes.

"You can bet on it."

"Bet. Why not? It's perfect."

"What is?"

"There is a casino down there. Why don't we bust it?"

"What's in your mind?"

"The Big Wheel is run by a computer, right? Orac reads computers."

"Avon, there are times when I almost get to like you."

"Yes, well, that makes it all worthwhile."

Maneuvering Orac into reducing its size, they shake hands on the coming venture and are soon winning millions of credits. Then, as usual, complications arise.

In another part of Freedom City, Cally and Jenna create a diversion so that Blake can look for Docholli. They call each other unsavory names, throw drinks, fight and get kicked out of a cheap dive.

Travis has been sticking close to Docholli waiting for Blake. Servalan also joins the scramble with a complicated plan designed to kill Travis, Docholli, and Blake's "insurrectionist elements." At the same time she hopes to force the Federation to eradicate Freedom City which she considers a cesspool.

When as usual after escaping Servalan's plot, Blake refuses to kill Travis, Jenna says, "Give me the gun then."

"That would be a mercy," Blake tells her. "Are you feeling particularly merciful?"

It turns out that Docholli doesn't know the location of Star One. Instead he directs them to the planet Goth where a tribal chief is supposed to possess the brain print of a man called Lurgen who knew the location.
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"The Voice from the Past"

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Additional Cast
Krantor-Aubrey Woods
Docholli - Denis Carey
Chenie - Nicolette Roeg
Croupier - Sylvia Coleridge
Cevedic - Paul Grist
Toise - John Leeson
Jarriere - Harry Jones
Zee - Michael Halsey
Klute - Deep Roy

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Michael Brayshaw
Film Cameraman - Max Samett
Costume Designer - Barbara Kidd
Designer - Ken Ledsham

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