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#16 "Weapon"
w: Chris Boucher
d: George Spenton-Foster
January 23, 1979 (51 min.)

This story is not so much about the Liberator crew as it is about Servalan, Travis, a living copy (not exactly a clone) of Blake, a bond slave named Rashel and a psycho-strategist (a "puppeteer") named Carnell.
Weapon drawing by Debby Stark

The whole affair is a trap which Servalan has Carnell devise so that she can acquire a new Federation weapon called IMIPAK without anyone knowing that she has it. At the same time she can use it on Blake and his people while blaming them for the theft.

IMIPAK can mark a victim without his being aware of it. Then later at any distance, at any time, the weapon can kill anyone it has marked.

On an abandoned planet, Servalan and Travis mark Blake, Avon, and Gan, tell them they are marked and then let them go, suggesting that they might be able to outrun the signal. The plan is that the Federation ships, positioned around the planet, will then see the Liberator leave and think they took IMIPAK.

They return to the Liberator though Blake hasn't much hope of escaping the signal knowing that Servalan would never have let them go if they had a chance.

"Is there a defense against IMIPAK?" Gan asks the others.

"Of course, there is," Avon responds. "It's called slavery."

Carnell plans for every eventuality, knowing exactly what every person will do through out. But he was not told about the presence of the bond slave. She and the Blake-copy mark Servalan----Servalan had already marked Travis-----and before Servalan and Travis can kill the three from the Liberator the bond slave and the Blake-copy take the weapon themselves. They then contact the Liberator to inform the real Blake of what had happened.

Servalan returns to Space Headquarters to discover that Carnell has fled. Upon finding out about the presence of the bond-slave, he had realised that the plan would go awry, and he knows how Servalan treats those who fail her.
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Additional Cast
Fen - Kathleen Byron
Coser - John Bennett
Carnell - Scott Fredericks
Rashel - Candace Glendenning
Officer - Graham Simpson

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Michael Brayshaw
Film Cameraman - Peter Chapman
Costume Designer - June Hudson
Designer - Mike Porter

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