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#19 "Trial"
w: Chris Boucher
d: Derek Marinus
February 13, 1979 (51 min.)

Servalan, needing to get rid of Travis before he can testify against her in the inquiry into the mishandling of the "Blake affair," puts him on trial for mass murder.

Elsewhere, Blake, still bothered by Gan's death, and being needled about it by Avon, teleports to an uninhabited planet to think.

"It's getting worse for him, isn't it?" Jenna comments.

"Guilt does that," Avon says.

"What would you know about guilt?...

"Only what I've read."

Blake has made certain they can't find him, which makes the rest of the crew suspicious, and Avon tries to use that to maneuver them into leaving him. Gan, Vila says, would have been able to figure out what Blake was doing. Gan "was straightforward, wasn't always expecting to be cheated and double-crossed. Not like us. He trusted people."

Before they can make up their minds, Vila accidentally triggers a message from Blake saying that he has left them no way to find him for thirteen hours. After that a homing beacon may notify them of where he is, if they want to pick him up.

Although Avon tries to counter the effect the message has on the others, it is he who programs the automatic search pattern that will pick up the beacon.

"You don't mind if I check it?" Jenna asks.

"I'd be disappointed if you didn't."

"I see you've decided to be led like the rest of us," Vila says.

"I shall continue to follow. It's not quite the same thing."

"I don't see the difference."

"I didn't really think that you would."

When it turns out that Blake is in immediate danger, it is Avon who devises the means of pulling him out.

To restore their legend of invulnerability, Blake decides to attack Servalan's Headquarters. Under cover of that attack, Travis, found guilty and sentenced to be executed, escapes.
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Additional Cast
Samor - John Savident
Bercol - John Bryans
Rontane - Peter Miles
Thania - Victoria Fairbrother
Zil - Claire Lewis
Par - Kevin Lloyd
Lye - Graham Sinclair
Guard Commander - Colin Dunn

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistants - Jackie Willows
           - Pauline Smithson
Film Cameraman - Max Samett
Costume Design - Barbara Kidd
Designer - Gerry Scott

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