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#15 "Shadow"
w: Chris Boucher
d: Jonathon Wright Miller
January 16, 1979 (50 min.)

Against Gan's moral objections, the crew tries to work out a deal with the Terra Nostra but cannot get Largo, whom Jenna knows from her old smuggling days, even to admit that the criminal organization exists. Attempting to buy information, they show him part of the wealth of the Liberator. Largo, however, just tries to buy the jewels.

"They have sentimental value for me," Avon says, taking them back.

"Oh, family heirlooms, uh?" Largo asks.

"No, I'm just sentimental about money."

Though Largo tries to kill them, the three finally get back to the ship. But organized crime is not their only problem. An alien has taken over Orac and mentally isolated Cally. Unaware of what has happened, the others cannot find anything wrong with the Auron woman.

"She is an alien," Blake says.

"She is more human than I am," Avon says dryly.

"That's not difficult," Vila mutters.

Unable to help Cally, Blake decides to seek out the source of the drug Shadow, the basis of Terra Nostra power. Ultimately, it is the telepathic plants from which Shadow is derived that free Cally and help her defeat the alien controlling Orac.

The others discover that the source of Shadow is protected by the President's personal security force.

"To have total control," Blake observes, "you must control totally---both sides of the law. The Terra Nostra/the Federation---two sides of the same power.

"Where are all the good guys?" Vila asks Blake.

"You could be looking at them."

"What a very depressing thought," Avon says.
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Additional Cast
Largo - Derek Smith
Bek - Karl Howman
Hanna - Adrienne Burgess
Chairman - Vernon Dobtcheff
Enforcer - Archie Tew

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Stunt Co-ordinator - Frank Maher
Production Assistant - Ralph Wilton
Film Cameraman - Peter Chapman
Costume Designer - June Hudson
Designer - Paul Allen

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