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#23 "Voice From the Past"
w: Roger Parkes
d: George Spenton-Foster
March 13, 1979 (49 min.)

It has been two years since Blake was tried and deported. Now, suddenly he is reliving in nightmares his memory revision treatments from four years before. He is hearing an oscillating tone and changing course with out telling anyone. When confronted with the course change, he says, "I command this ship."

"Do you indeed?" is Avon's only comment.

"You lead," Jenna argues. "We don't take commands."

"For once just try trusting me," Blake says as he stomps off.

"He's used a number of ploys to get his own way," Avon says. "But 'just try trusting me,' that's weak even by his standards."

Avon, Cally and Jenna conclude that Blake is being manipulated by artificial telepathic transmissions. Blake, however, tricking Vila into helping him, locks up the others so they can't prevent him from going to asteroid PK 118. There he meets a group of old rebels and a new one, Arbitor General Ven Glynd, a man who participated in Blake's trial but who has since defected. Ven Glynd has evidence which will discredit the Administration and thus achieve Blake's goals nonviolently.

Although Avon and Cally are still convinced it is a trap, Blake brings the new people aboard the Liberator to take them to the annual Governor's Summit Meeting. There Governor Le Grand will present their case to the other planetary leaders.

Avon and Cally, however, turn out to be right. Servalan is springing a trap to eliminate the rebels and their political sympathizers. Blake, who had become a "legend of hope to the great mass of the oppressed," is to Servalan simply a symbol for malcontents, which she intends, to eliminate.

"So much for Blake's new epoch of peace," Avon says when he discovers the extent of the plot. But, as Servalan says, "While there's life, there's threat."
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"The Voice from the Past"

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Additional Cast
Governor Le Grand - Frieda Knorr
Glynd - Richard Bebb
Nagu - Martin Read

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Michael Brayshaw
Film Cameraman - Max Samett
Costume Designer - Barbara Kidd
Designer - Ken Ledsham

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