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#22 "Countdown"
w: Terry Nation
d: Vere Lorrimer
March 6,1979 (51 min.)

When Federation forces on Albian are attacked, Space Major Provine carries out the Federation's threat to activate a solium radiation device which will kill all life on the planet.
Threesome drawing by Debby Stark

Provine is prevented from escaping from the planet, and while the timer runs its course, Blake and his people arrive in search of the Space Major who has information about the location of Central Control. Linking up with the local rebels Avon, Blake and Vila encounter Del Grant, who has a grudge against Avon for the death of a woman named Anna.

"She died under Federation torture, but it was you who killed her," he accuses.

Though they don't find Provine immediately, they do ascertain that the radiation device is under a polar ice cap. Blake plans to teleport to it, but Avon objects, "Disarming a device is not your field."

Avon goes instead, and Grant volunteers to go with him. Before they teleport, Blake takes Grant aside, "One more thing: if anything happens to Avon, I will come looking for you."

While they search for the device, Grant asks Avon why he hadn't rescued Grant's sister. Avon explains, then adds, "if there had ever been a time when I could have given my own life to save her, I would have done it. The only grain of consolation that I have is that Anna knew that."

In order to complete deactivating the device, Avon removes his teleport bracelet and stays far past the safety limit.

Meanwhile, Vila races to rescue Blake from Provine, who finally tells them that Central Control is now called Star One and that the only person who knows its location is a cyber-surgeon named Docholli.

Blake, discovering that Avon has taken off his bracelet, also remains on the planet to wait through the countdown.
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Additional Cast
Grant - Tom Chadbon
Provine-Paul Shelly
Cauder - James Kerry
Ralli - Lindy Alexander
Selson - Robert Arnold
Tronos - Geoffrey Snell
Vetnor - Sidney Kean
Arrian - Nigel Gregory

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Stunt Co-ordinators - Leslie Crawford
     Peter Brayham
Production Assistant - Geoffrey Manton
Film Cameraman - Max Samett
Costume Designer - Barbara Kidd
Designer - Gerry Scott
     Stephen Brownsey

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