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#25 "The Keeper"
w: Allan Prior
d: Derek Martinus
March 27, 1979 (51 min.)

As Blake, Jenna, and Vila prepare to teleport to Goth, Avon asks Blake, "If you find the brain print, and consequently the location of Star One, what then?"

"Finish what we started."

"Destroy it?"

"Of course. And the entire Federation with it. Does that bother you suddenly?"

"Star One is the automatic computer center for the entire Federation. Through Star One, we could control everything. The Federation could belong to us.

"I could be President," Vila puts in. "Or, we could take it in turns. Now that would be worth the risks we're taking. Why not?"

"Blake is afraid that power would corrupt him," Avon says.

"That sort of power would corrupt anyone."

Later when the others are down on Goth, Avon takes the Liberator out of teleport range for ten minutes in order to destroy a ship he is positive belongs to Travis. Jenna and Vila are taken prisoner during that time, and Blake blames Avon -- Travis was on the planet at the time, anyway.

While Blake looks for them, the chief of the Goths picks Jenna to take to pair-bond, Vila ends up as the chief's jester, and Travis departs in Servalan's ship. Thinking that the new ship carries Servalan, Avon tells Cally to set an intercept course.

"If we leave here, we leave Blake again," she objects.

"This is an ideal opportunity."

"Not this time."

"She will be out of range in one minute," Avon argues heatedly. "We will never get her."

"All right then, we'll never get her."

They wait, the atmosphere tense between them. Travis gets away with the brain print, but Blake also discovers the location of Star One.
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"The Keeper"
"Star One"

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Additional Cast
Gola - Bruce Purchase
Tara - Freda Jackson
Rod - Shaun Curry
Fool - Cengiz Saner
Old Man - Arthur Hewlett
Patrol Leader - Ron Tarr

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Stunt Co-ordinator - Stuart Fell
Production Assistants - Jackie Willows
    Pauline Smithson
Film Cameramen - Max Samett
    Paul Godfrey
Costume Designer - Barbara Kidd
Designer - Eric Walmsley

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