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#17 "Horizon"
w: Allan Prior
d: Jonathon Wright Miller
January 30, 1979 (50 min.)

Gan Gan by Deborah Walsh
Blake and Jenna teleport to a planet called Horizon. When contact with them is lost, Cally says that she "feels" they are in trouble. You don't have to be telepathic, Avon declares, to reason that out.

"Oh, come on, Avon," Vila says. "Give the girl a chance. I'd say she knows a few things that even you don't understand." When Avon turns towards him, Vila backs off, "Well, I'd say so, anyway."

"A fifth grade ignorant and you would say so, would you?"

"Well, I never had a chance, did I? I chose the wrong parents."

Cally brings the conversation back to her point, "Someone must go down."

Gan, agreeing to go, proceeds to manipulate Vila into joining him. "Well, I'd be stupid to go on my own.

"What about you?" Vila asks Avon. "Why don't you go?"

"You are expendable."

"And you're not?"

"No, I am not. I am not expendable. I am not stupid. And I'm not going."

Contact with Gan and Vila is soon lost.

Avon tries to talk Cally out of following them. She, however, "knows" the others are still alive and refuses to abandon them. When she goes down to see if she can help, contact with her is also lost.

"If I go alone," Avon asks Orac, "can I pilot the Liberator indefinitely?"

"With the help of the automatics, of course you can."

"We are powerful enough to resist all but an attack by three Federation pursuit ships at once... Therefore, I do not need Blake. I do not need any of the others. I do not need anybody at all."

But Avon doesn't get the ship underway immediately. Before he makes one move toward actually abandoning the others, Zen intercepts a message that three pursuit ships are on the way. Avon laughs; then, taking more precautions than the others had, he goes down to find them.

Additional Cast
Kommissar - William Squire
Ro - Darien Angadi
Selma - Souad Farress
Assistant Kommissar - Brian Miller
Chief Guard - Paul Haley

Additional Credits (See Regular Series Credits)
Production Assistant - Ralph Wilton
Film Cameraman - Peter Chapman
Costume Designer - June Hudson
Designer - Paul Allen
Official U.S. Video
"Pressure Point"

This video also in
PAL from the UK.

Series 2 DVD
Region 2 - UK
Series 1 DVD
Region 2 - UK

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